beauty for ashes

16 May 2011

swing swing swing on a summer (that feels like fall) day

Today was absolutely gorgeous!  My lucky son got to hang out outside for most of the day.  First, he hung out with Nana and Papa (and guard dog Maggie!) in their front yard.

Then we met Sarah, Verity, and Esther at Winthrop Park.  First activity on the agenda:


After a good nap and a good meal, I decided to try putting him in one of the swings.  I had tried this about a month ago, but he was, to quote Sarah "too floppy" and he hated it.  This time, success!

It was a wee bit chilly, so we had to break out the long-sleeved onesie and beanie.  And the adorable babylegs.  Which totally did not match his beanie.  But whatever...
Oh, and if you are wondering what he is staring so intently at, here you are:


She wanted to go faster, and faster, and faster!

As he got more comfortable, he cozied into the swing, pulling his legs up and settling back.

Love him <3

I did actually swing him back and forth a bit.  You just cannot tell that from these pictures.
I wish I could have captured the myriad of expressions on his face as he was swinging.  Happy, scared, concerned, pensive, all in rapid succession across his adorable little face.

So fun!


Robert said...
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Robert said...

(Let's try this again with the correct use of words)
Yeah for grandsons (and daughters that give them to us!)! Papa can't wait til Jonah's big enough to wear a motorcycle helmet and go for a ride.
Love you Jonah!