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15 May 2011

elimination communication

In an effort to be even more of a hippie mama, I am seriously looking into trying elimination communication, or as the pros call it, EC.
Now, I am starting this journey knowing next to nothing about this.  All I have heard is that I can significantly reduce the number of dirty diapers I have to wash out.
Need I say more???

Here are some resources I have found helpful thus far:

diaper free baby

This site has some really great information, although I felt like I kinda had to dig a bit to get to it.  I am a simple girl...just give it to me straight!  It did have a lot of good information though!

born potty trained

This one was my speed.  Simple and to the point!

free to ec

This one is a woman's personal story.  It is cool to look at someone else's experiences.

So...I think we may try this.  It can't hurt...
I will be honest, I am a little skeptical.
I will let you know how it goes.

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