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10 May 2011

Jonah's first swim!

Today I took Jonah to the pool in Sarah's neighborhood.  It was a blast!  I was a little nervous about it because it was a bit chilly out, but Jonah really seemed to enjoy it.
I apologize in advance for the pictures of me in a bathing suit.
And the million and one pictures!

I got cloth swim diapers.  They are super cute.  Here we are getting ready:
swim diaper by bummis

the 3-6 month shirt is a wee bit large!
 I also have a rally fabulous sling that is made to be worn in the water and dries quickly in the sun.

sling by taylormade
The water was freezing!  At least, it was at first, and any time I had to get out and back in again.  But Jonah did not even seem to notice!  He would catch is breath each time I dipped him farther in, but he made no complaints.  First we dipped just the feet.

And then, the most shocking part, the torso:

He loved it!  I took him out of the sling for a bit and let him kick his legs to his little heart's content.  He had tiny baby goosebumps and would shiver every now and again, but he was smiling and really into the water. We played with these lovely ladies:
Sarah, Esther (3 months), and Verity (2 1/2 yrs) Gray swimming with me and Jonah!
 So much fun with these lovely ladies!
My mama!


Sarah and Verity!

Poor Verity loved running around the pool, which is a big no no!  She ended up in time-out for a few minutes, but did great the rest of the time!

 And then she put on a performance for us!

Eventually I decided that we should warm up for a bit.  Nana wrapped him in a towel and sat out in the warm sun.  He looked super cute in his hooded towel!

And Jonah and Esther both needed to rest after such an action packed day!  They both fell asleep poolside while the rest of us partied it up!
I took a moment to relax as well.  Note Esther in the background.

And my baby has adorable toes!
After the pool, Jonah and Esther had a few fun moments of tummy time.  They had quite the intense conversations!

It was a lovely day!  I am so excited that Jonah really liked the pool.  Cannot wait to go again!!

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Ashleigh-Anne: said...

I love that sling! What a neat idea!!