beauty for ashes

02 May 2011


I love swimming.
I hate running.

I think my main exercise for the summer is determined.
I love swimming (as previously stated).  On Thursday I put on a bathing suit for the first time since Jonah was born.  No worries, I will not post a picture.  Believe me, it wasn't pretty.  It wasn't the worst thing I have ever seen in a bathing suit, but it was not what I wanted to see in the mirror.

better than a dude in a speedo
better than the 60-yr-old woman who still thinks she can rock a bikini
better than a 7-yr-old wearing a padded triangle top

My favorite part of swimming laps is how free I feel.  Practically weightless in the water, hovering there in the pale blue brilliance.
I especially like when I cross the threshold from the shallow end to the deep.
It's like being suspended.
This is what I think about while I slice back and forth between the walls.  I also organize my thoughts, reassess my priorities, all sorts of things.
It's nice.

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