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28 June 2011

revived lamp and a sneak peak for an upcoming project!

So, many years ago I purchased a lamp.  It wasn't terrible, but it could use a coat of paint.  I kept meaning to paint it...then I would forget again. I finally had a free moment and decided to get to spraying.

This is the lamp.  I got it from goodwill, I think.  Which has gotten a little full of itself in recent days.  So expensive.  I could get things brand new for a few dollars more.  But I digress.  Anyways, the lamp.  It had a slight green tint to it, and several discolored, minorly rusted spots.
Do you love the tinfoil?  I couldn't find the I went with what I had.
I grabbed my flat black spray paint and my handy spray paint trigger thing.  I love it.  It looks like this:

Much easier on the fingers.  And slightly less paint on them as well.  I cut up a paper bag to use under the lamp and got to spraying.  It turned out pretty well.

I then proceeded to spray paint these lovely drawer pulls that will be part of a future remodel.

They turned out brilliant!  I am really pleased with how much better they look!  I cannot wait to finish this project!

1 comment:

daylilylane said...

Cute! Bit of advice from experience: spraybseveral
coats of clear sealant / protectant on the drawer pulls. Otherwise you'll be respraying them
black in a few months.