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21 June 2011

more summer camp crafts!

Nothing like working at an out-of-doors summer camp in the middle of June to really help a person appreciate air conditioning.  I have been slowly melting into a tryna-puddle.  As if 100+ temperatures are not enough, let's throw in 100% humidity just for fun!  Whew!
Anyways, my annoying adorable little campers created a few more lovely pieces of art work that I am pumped to share!

First up: masks!  What summer camp is complete without animal masks made from paper plates?  These have been embellished with felt and pipe cleaners.  Also, they abandoned the tradition string around the back of the head for a popsicle stick.

Next, we have chalk drawings on black construction paper.  These depict prey running for their lives from predators.

And now, finger puppets!  The kids had a lot of fun creating these.  They also enjoyed setting up battles between them and seeing whose puppet was the ultimate fighter.  Gotta love 2nd and 3rd graders.

Sculpting with clay was a huge success.  The kids loved getting their hands all dirty and gross.  Here are a few birds:

And my favorite craft?  Pinecone owls, of course!

Aren't they adorable!?!  Such creative geniuses I had last week!

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