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12 June 2011

cooking with the baby!

The other day, Jonah helped me cook dinner!

Okay, really, he was a wee bit fussy and I was a lot bit hungry, so here we are!  Isn't he so cute?

We got our free bacon from Earth Fare, so we decided to make cheesy bacon chicken.  Yum!


First we cooked up some bacon!  I do love the smell of cooking bacon.

These are my tongs.  I love them.

Next, we cooked the chicken breasts in the bacon juice.  Initially, this kinda grossed me out.  But it tastes so

We popped a bag of steamable mixed veggies in the microwave and viola!  We have dinner.  I put the bacon on the bottom and then the chicken and then some delish melty cheesy goodness.
It was pretty tasty.
And Jonah was an excellent assistant!  Until he got distracted by dangly things...

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