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21 April 2011

avoiding grad work

I always find that I am more interested in posting on here when I should be doing something else. Why is that, I wonder?
I have recently become obsessed with the food network. I realize what a dork I am for this, but it is what it is. It used to be that Joshua and I would just as soon go out to eat than me cook. Since Jonah got here, we are quite broke and I am forced to figure out how to make each dollar stretch. And eating out is NOT that way! So now I have started to get a little creative with our meals. And watching the food network helps.
Not that I necessarily cook anything they show on there. It just reminds me that I am capable of cooking. And since my main ingredient is pretty much always chicken, and I cannot have gluten, creativity is a must.
My current favorite a variation on chicken and rice. It includes long grain wild rice, chicken, peas, corn, and a LOT of melty cheesy goodness. And since I am trying to get skinnier (which may just be a pipe dream), I am also counting calories. This meal ends up around 400 calories for a good size serving. Not too shabby.
Clearly the worst part of cooking is the clean up! If I could have one super power, it would be to wave my hand and have things magically clean themselves...bippity boppity boop.

weeelll...I should probably go write this paper...

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