beauty for ashes

23 April 2011


so...why is it that once I get one area in my life under control, all the others seem to fall apart?  a couple of weeks ago I was doing great with my eating habits.  I had lost 5 lbs and felt really good!  no gluten, no cheating. house and car were a mess and I had tons of grad work to do and I was neglecting my Bible reading and prayer time.
so I decided to work on some of these other areas as well.  and I am happy to announce that I have kept my house clean all week!  and I only have one more grad school assignment!  and I have read my Bible a bit more  but...I have gained like four pounds back :(
I just do not know how to juggle all these different things along with caring for my son and spending time with my husband.  especially in the food department.  I keep justifying poor food choices because of how busy I am.  and I really want to be skinnier.  and healthier.

I need someone to help keep my accountable...but I can never find someone willing to get all up in my business the way I need them to.  oh well...

One more grad school assignment!  then a break until august!

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MermaidLilli said...

Katryna, I totally sympathize with you. Food is quite addictive, especially all those carbs. Remember how well you did during the pregnancy? What motivated you then? Maybe you can remind yourself of those times which might help you now. One thing I highly recommend is to remove the "offending" foods from your house. Toss them, gift them. And just keep what you what in your kitchen. Another thing that helps is to make a menu for tomorrow the night before. Make sure you have a breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner on that paper. Place it on the kitchen counter, which that visual will remind you to eat and not skip. LOVE