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28 February 2012

new diet...

So, the other night I went for a walk with a good friend, who told me about her experience with the south beach diet.  The longer I considered it, I realized that I had been toying with the idea of cutting out carbs/sugar for a while, but I was entirely too wussy to go through with it again.  I had given them up during my pregnancy and never felt better, but I really did not care to stick to such a strict diet again.  However, I had this creeping suspicion that my body did not process carbs properly.  I have gone on rather extreme diets in the past, worked out a ridiculous amount, and not lost a single pound.  That bummed me out.  At this point, I had been doing weight watchers for about five months, and I lost about 12 lbs, which was awesome.  But I lost 10 of those pounds before Christmas.  And I had hit a plateau.  Which was not cool, since I wanted to lose an additional 30 lbs.
When I mentioned trying south beach to Joshua, he surprised me by being all for it.  His only stipulation was that I needed to read a book he found, called Why We Are Fat, And What We Should Do About it.  The book lined up pretty well with my ideas.  The author argues that not everyone can properly digest carbs, and for some, this makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. 
I decided to follow the south beach diet because it gave me an easy to follow, straightforward plan to follow.  I need the discipline and regiment.
So, here we go.  I just finished day two.  So far, it has been fairly easy, all things considered.  I have had a pretty bad headache and been pretty sleepy, but other than that, I feel pretty good.  And I am down 1.4 lb already!  Not too bad.  Hopefully it continues!

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