beauty for ashes

19 July 2009

i should be sleeping... the prompting of the lovely kelli percy, i actually remembered that i created this thing and thought maybe it was time to post to it again.

i am currently watching my husband attempt to beat a challenging video game that kinda creeps me out a little. it is called portal. it is creepy.

i am happy to report that i am done working at little ceasars and can now concentrate in getting my body and my classroom in order!

on the classroom side of things:
i am headed up there at some point tomorrow to start to organize the furniture in the room. they painted this year, which means everything is in the middle of the room and in considerable disarray. i am hoping to make some sense of the chaos. we will see. it is currently a tad overwhelming to think about!

on the body side of things:
i will be running three miles in the morning. i have not ran in three (going on four) days, which is not good! i am hoping to be up to thirteen miles by halloween. i am also hitting up water aerobics around lunch time. i have exactly four weeks until school starts back and i want to make the most of it! my ultimate goal is lose 30 lbs. i started back on weight watchers, although i have not been doing very well the past couple of days. i think now that i am done with the weird work schedule, it will be a little less complicated.
i started monday at 160 lbs.
i weighed 158 this morning.
not too bad...two down...twenty-eight to go!

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Kelli said...

more prompting. :)